MISC Live! @ Subic Flash Pizzaz Downhill Race

We'll be hitting you up, Subic and Olongapo heads!

Catch us live among other artists coming this May 6-8, 2011 at Subic Bay Free Port.
We'll be performing on the 7th, Saturday.
Hit up your need for speed on one of the smoothest asphalt roads in the Philippines.
Check out the FB invite.




DJ Arbie Won presents "Solar Funk"

The Beatraveler comes back with a fresh new summer mixtape for the one-one. Check out the crisp version of Summertime by Billy Stewart starting things off...




Fresh! Satisfunktion guaranteed!

Odd Future live @ Thrasher Event

Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All
...tearing it up on stage.

Peep out their website. These cats are crazy dope.

Stussy x Marvel

The ultimate team up.

Stussy has released Series One of the collaboration with Marvel Comics. Series One has nine designs with Marvel's most iconic superheroes and Stussy's iconic graphic. Series Two will release on May 6th featuring nine guest artists interpreting their favorite characters, plus a limited edition pack of Stussy x Marvel trading cards.

Visit Stussy to check em out.

Stussy x Marvel - The Ultimate Teamup from Stussy on Vimeo.


WIP Caps x Stoked Inc x Miscellaneous

Stoked Inc video from the WIP caps creative team.

Poks / Luke / Sam / Chad / C-lo
Filmed by:
Edited by:
Mav x WIP Caps
Music by:
Miscellaneous ("Almost Done" Album)

Stoked Inc X Wip Caps Collabo Video from stokedinc on Vimeo.

The Mighty Misc x Paco Zimmerman

Dope visual renditions by the homeboy, Paco Zimmerman.



Shaolin Jazz: The 37th Chamber

Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones came up with this project that artfully blends the acapellas from the Wu-Tang Clan with hand picked jazz instrumentals from the greats.

Twist your eardrums to this!

Download the mixtape.

Check out the posters. 


Fight For Your Right. Revisited.

Props to C-lo for sparking up the Beastie Boy hype.
On that note, check this out:

The Beastie Boys‘ “Fight For Your Right-Revisited” recreates the group’s classic “Fight For Your Right” music video with a star-studded cast that includes Jack Black, Seth Rogan, Danny McBridge, John C. Reilly, Elijah Wood and Will Ferrell, amongst others. The full piece will run 30 minutes and acts as a promotional video for the track “Make Some Noise” from the Beastie Boys’ eighth album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Enjoy the two-minute trailer!

via HighSnobiety 


Sari-Sari Sounds. For the love of OPM.

Sari Sari Sounds is an online radio station that plays nothing but Original Pilipino Music, 24/7. It crosses every genre and every era of a rich local music scene - from mainstream to underground. It's raw, edgy, laid back, grounded, and crazy, all at the same time. All for the love and support of what the Pinoy talent can bring to the table. Let's bring back OPM to the forefront. Log on and listen while you work, play and surf online.

The site is in its testing version for now, as links will be filled up with content as we move along.

The OFFICIAL LAUNCH will happen next week, MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011.
All the shows and segments will start, giving you each and every side of OPM music.

Let the madness begin.




Skate and Create

im still reeling from the high of the whisky hill event, i might just be getting the skate bug again. sucks i just sold my board, guess will have to make arrangements with regards to that, and get myself rolling again.

anyhoot just wanted to share this link of some of the dopest skate videos i've seen to date, its a transworld skate mag idea called skate and create, where they have four skate crews battle it out on videos.

check the link below and enjoy the show


Addidas enrty

Adidas from Chris Ray on Vimeo.

Fallen entry

Fallen from Chris Ray on Vimeo.

Etnies entry

Etnies from Chris Ray on Vimeo.

Lakai entry


Whiskey Hill HQ

Skate and music sessions. Food and drinks. Rooftop.
Congratulations to the boys of Whiskey Hill for opening up shop!



"Ain't no party like a Whiskey Hill party, coz a Whiskey Hill party don't stop..."
See y'all tomorrow.