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Vote for the Warriors.

Yo we need your votes!

Big up to our sistah and Singapore-Canada female artist Masia One. Her sick video "Warriors Tongue" is nominated for a VIMA Sountheast Asian Indie Music Award. Her new album, Bootleg Culture, is also nominated in several other categories. Homegirl just keeps making moves and keeping the music massive!

Warriors Tongue has an extended connection to the Philippines as it was originally shot in Tondo, Manila with additional footages coming from different parts of the archipelago, all locally done by the 22 Deep crew (Umph and D'Tech representin!)

I feel especially excited because I love the Philippines!  This video celebrates the colours and beauty of Tondo in Manila and I truly hope I return to the PHIL sometime soon! - Masia


Production House: 22Deep
Directed by: Kevin Vea (DJ Umph)
Editor: Cedric Cordero
Producer: Geric Stevens (DJ D'Tech)
Color / GFX: Billy Laure
Location & Logistics Coordinator: Tempes Dela Merced
PAs: Bernie Chiang/ Zaini Zakariah
Special thanks to ParaSoul Media/ Next Frame/ Jackhammer Studios


The first of our December gigs is happening this Friday to celebrate the anniversary of one of our go-to drinking spots in QC. Check the badass lineup and prepare for all kinds of crazy shit! 


Red-i "Galactic Dancehall" Official Video

Find yourself a good seat and a good screen. You're about to go cosmic.
Here's DJ Red-i's first official video from the Jahdgement Day album.

Visit www.redisoundsystem.com for more.


Daily Grind snaps Bambu's Rent Money Tour (MNL)

More photos from The Rent Money Tour in Manila via The Daily Grind. See the full album here.

 ...one rifle per family.

 Delphi (Miscellaneous)

Switch (Miscellaneous)

DJ D'Tech (Miscellaneous)

Bam! Brrraaap!

 DJ Arbie Won x Music Colony mobile

 C-Knowledge x Bambu x Jus Rye


Photo: Miscellaneous x Bambu

We Filipino than a mu'afucka.

Photo taken by Team Manila at The Rent Money Tour (MNL)

The PharM - Limits Of Stability (Lloyd x Liquid)

Local underground collective, The PharM, drops this sick video.
Emcees Lloyd and Liquid take your ears and minds on an astral travel. Open up.

Produced by Skarm
Directed and shot by Labjaxx
Edited by Ill Primitivo

Download "The Pharmer's Guide to Higher Ground" album here


Corporate LoFi: Assemble! (Reunion Gig)

Yo we've been waiting on this one for quite a while now.
Live hiphop-jazz-funk superband CORPORATE LO-FI is suddenly assembling to do a reunion gig at Route 196 after a long hiatus from their debut, FIRST ALBUM (iTunes). Shit's gonna be raw-funky-sticky-icky. A real good dose of live local music goodness with guests MC Dash, DJ Arbie Won, and Beatbox Philippines

Brought to you by Daily Grind Clothing x Locked Down Entertainment

Kagatan 7: Manila Vinyl Swap Meet

The 7th installment of Manila's only quarterly vinyl and music swap meet will be at Kasbah, The Fort, Bonifacio Global City. All vinyl sets by your favorite sound providers. Buy, sell, trade vinyl and other forms of music. Or just come and kick it to some good afternoon tunes. You know the drill! 

Check the FB INVITE for more details


NEW TRACK: Bambu Rent Money Tour Manila

Keeping with the Rent Money Tour music collabs in every area, Bambu drops a track with fellow Filipino MCs: ILL-J and Jus Rye (SVC), MC Dash (Legit Misfitz), Switch (Miscellaneous), and Protege (Audible MCs / Fliptop) on a hard-knockin' Chrizo beat.

There's nothing like hiphop from the motherland.

Recorded and shot at Music Colony. Shot and edited by Cedy Ced. 

Bam! Brrrap! (Rent Money Tour recap)

Quick recap of Bambu's Rent Money Tour visit to Manila...
We had a blast rockin the stage to some real down Manila hiphop heads.
Thank you Music Colony, Renegade Collective, Fliptop, and Daily Grind Clothing.
Big ups to Anygma, Protege, and all the Fliptop MCs who ripped the stage.
Respect to the legends we look up to: MC Dash, ILL-J, Jus Rye, and Pamilia Dimagiba.

It was an honor to be there with all of you and to witness Bam turn out the motherland one again.
Mr. AK-47 was on point and raw as f*ck!

Here's a shot from backstage during the mayhem at B-Side. Bambu dropping knowledge.
Photo by Tibbz


Bambu's Rent Money Tour in Manila this weekend!

Los Angeles emcee BAMBU returns to his PI motherland this weekend when the Rent Money Tour hits Manila at B-Side, The Collective (Makati City). Set to be a 3-day affair in cooperation with the Philippines' world-famous Fliptop Battle League, Renegade Collective, and Daily Grind Clothing

Nov 9 (Fri) and 10 (Sat) will feature a stacked lineup of Fliptop's battle MCs going at it in head-to-head competition, along with beatbox battles and live performances for the AHON 4 event.

And on Nov 11 (Sun), Bambu hits the stage to close out the weekend right before ushering in the insane weekly reggae event at B-Side, Irie Sunday. It's going to be massive y'all!

The Mighty Miscellaneous will be opening up for Bambu together with other legendary local hiphop talents so we're mad stoked to be a part of this weekend.

Check out the video and poster after the jump
Click on the FB INVITE for ticket sales and a lot more details

 DO NOT MISS THIS ONE. Photobucket Photobucket


KOTD: Step Easy (CANADA) vs Anygma (PHILIPPINES)

Canada vs Philippines at World Domination 3. King Of The Dot Entertainment video of Step Easy vs Anygma from the battles held in Canada. Anygma came with it and he should have taken this one just by sheer lyricism alone. But hey, both MCs had their highlights and respect goes out to Step for taking the W. Good to see the Philippine battle scene being repped proper! Big ups to our boy!

More Than RED-I

A feature on DJ RED-I via Inquirer Lifestyle. Dropping insights and knowledge.

 The vibes and energy you get from music. It’s inspiring when you hear music that hits you. There’s something in the frequency that makes you move and makes you feel alive and appreciate the color and excitement of life. I want to share that frequency to the people. - Red



DJ Arbie Won: Born in Shaolin Vol.1 (free mixtape)

DJ Arbie Won hits you with shaolin style attacks in this new mixtape - Born in Shaolin Vol 1.
In collaboration with WIP Caps and the release of the 36 Chambers exclusive fitteds.

WIP Caps drops 36 Chambers!

After the BlackStar tribute design, local hat brand WIP CAPS drops another fitted that reps their hiphop roots, this time taking inspiration from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan and their iconic first album, "Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers". Big ups to the WIP crew for hooking us up with these!

The embroidered red buddha beads against a yellow under-brim are sick!Photobucket

This exclusive will be released tonight at Titan 22 at The Fort so better rock em before they run out! 

 Always the purveyors of ideas and culture straight to your dome.


Bambu Returns to Manila!

Brought to you by the Renegade Collective. Stay tuned. 

Bambu x Rocky Rivera - Rent Money

Badass video from the hard-hitting collab between Bambu and Rocky Rivera.
Two Fil-Am emcees who straight rip it over a CHOPS beat.

 Cop Bam's new album "One Rifle Per Family" on iTunes or Beatrock Music


The Pharmer's Guide To Higher Ground (free download)

The Pharmer’s Guide to Higher Ground is a hip-hop project conceptualized by MC’s Liquid, Skarm, Flexx and Lloyd. In this age where visual illustrations and juxtaposed figures of speech maintain a certain vital role in crafting modern underground hip-hop music, the Pharm introduce themselves as such group utilizing these elements. The 14-track album is a sketchpad of lyrical approaches stylized by each member’s own characteristics in spitting out mind-trip bars that reveal their own animated worlds, cryptic messages and bizarre thoughts. Backed up by hazardous headnod beats from 3 of the Pharm’s members (along with production from producers, Ill Primitivo and DJ Fresh-Lee) and surreal album art designed by abstract visual artist Sloj, this album promises a rejuvenating feeling in Philippine underground hip-hop; simply put, it is something fresh and relevant to look forward to.

via New Persepctives




MISCELLANEOUS in Playboy's 2012 Music Issue

Grab a copy of this month's Playboy Philippines and go through their 2012 music issue with a short feature on Miscellaneous. You'll probably cop it for "other reasons" but yeah, give the words a read after you drool over the cover. Peace y'all. Photobucket


lazy lab work

MISC in the studio. Shot by DJ Umph.



KOTD: Rone (USA) vs Protege (PHILIPPINES)

King Of The Dot Entertainment drops the video of Rone vs Protege from the World Domination 3 battles held in Canada. Respect to both MCs for coming with it and putting on a tight verbal slugfest. Shout out to the homie Pro for always showin em the sickness! PI pride no doubt. Watch this...


Masia One x Pharrell x The Game x Isis - Errrybody (bootleg)

Canadian/Singaporean artist Masia One drops a new single with Pharrell, The Game, and Isis.
A sampler from her latest release, Bootleg Culture. Mad props to our SG sistah!

ALBUM OUT NOW on iTunes.
You can also peep the Bootleg Culture sampler mixed by DJ Autograph.


Brgy. Tibay x Pinoy Stories Album Release

PINOY STORIES releases their much-awaited Song For Outsiders album
Saturday (Sept15) 9PM at Saguijo
They're definitely one of the most soulful and infectious local bands in the scene. Don't miss this!

Sets by: Dj Joey Santos x Hardin x Kalabasa x The Wilderness x Red Striped Suzie x Chillitees x Miscellaneous x Cosmic Love x Hijo x Red-I x Soulflower x Pinoy Stories

Click to see the FB invite
Special thanks to BRGY. TIBAY and TIMBRE HEADPHONES Photobucket


Why we do what we do.


DJ Arbie Won ft. Katwo & Analog MC - Trapper Keeper (Official Video)

1st single from the highly-anticipated album series from DJ ARBIE WON.
United Freestyles Vol 3 comes out this year. And if you know your local hiphop, you'll know how iconic United Freestyles has been in the recent years, and how it has grown as much as the scene it has represented. Just read through Arbie's profile on Mixcrate and you'll know what's up.

But enough chit chat. This is simply pinoy music to be proud of. Elevated & experimenting beyond.
Produced by Dj Arbie Won is the Beatraveler featuring Katwo (Duster) and Analog MC (Bagetsafonik)

Directed & Edited by Arbie Won
Camera by: Kevin Vea
Produced by Next Frame X Cant Stop! Diggin'

Special thanks to:
Pablo Galleries( Yo & Ossie)
Daily Grind Clothing/ Team Manila

Dash Calzado - Return Of The Phunky Juan (Official Video)

Philippine hiphop pioneer, purveyor, educator, and 1/2 of the legendary Legit Misfitz.
The official video of ROTPJ is out and about! Big ups to our mighty kuya Dash!

Grab your copy of the "Return Of The Phunky Juan" album HERE. Support fliphop.

-Directed and Edited by Arbie Won
-Camera: Kevin Vea
-DOP: Alex Datur
-Gaffer; Nelson Alandy
-PA:Gon Aragon
-Produced by Iza Calzado and Dash Calzado


Inside the Philippine hiphop DJ scene

An interesting read via filamfunk that takes you through the cracks and crevices of the current 
hiphop DJ scene in Manila. Check the excerpts and click through to read the FULL ARTICLE. Photobucket

Certainly, the music has changed since the 1990s, but how much control do DJs have in shaping the reception of new music, especially when much of the music being produced by Philippine artists are not even getting much love by Filipinos? If "open-format" cannot accommodate hip hop (at least at this point), even more does it fail to promote original Pilipino hip hop. 

Philippine DJs are in a constant struggle to be a part of this changing musical soundscape, which does not always sound the way they'd like. But they spin anyway. And as fans first, their profession is rooted in a passion for hip hop. 


Spotted at the WIP Caps HQ...

Watch out for these. Too fresh not to have on your dome. 
 Ka "Maong" x Black Star tribute x Corruption "Paisley" Photobucket

Original Pinoy Music.


"Sky High" by Red-i



In Vinyl We Trust


Mastaplann x Bambu - Welcome To Manila (official video)

Shot after THE HOMECOMING event, the official video of "Welcome To Manila" has finally been dropped. The legendary MASTAPLANN and the fire-breathing BAMBU connect past and present to rep the PI, making local fans proud, while opening the eyes and ears of the rest of the world. 

Check the visuals and bump to the music. Mad props to the Rye and the rest of the team!

Produced by 6 Fingers
Shot and Directed by DJ Arbie Won & Jowee Encina
Edited by Cedric Cordero and Paco Raterta
Special shouts-out to Delta Star Transformers, Music Colony, Team Manila & Next Frame


ILL-J drops his new track: "Got It Made"

One of the Philippines' hiphop veterans shows why he's still ILL.
Produced by Chrizo for Lockeddown Entertainment x Space Monkey Enterprise x True Asiatik Tribe ILL-J's new album "Escrow Stock" dropping in 2013!



DJ Umph getting dusty...

Diggin. Photo by THE BEATRAVELER. Photobucket

Getting our TIMBRE on...

Miscellaneous late-nights at the local Kowloon House
 Siopao, Beer, and fresh Team Manila-designed Gitara headphones from TIMBRE. Photobucket 

 DJ D'Tech plugs into some pork. Photobucket

Adidas Originals' BREATHE & STOP on Saturday!

If you don't know who these 3 are, then you shouldn't even be listening to hiphop.
Ali Shaheed x Maseo x Shortkut in Manila. Brought to you by Adidas Originals. Photobucket


HABAGAT SOUNDS: Music For a Cause

What uuuuuuuppp...

We hope y'all can support this project! HABAGAT SOUNDS is a growing library of tracks from our local artists/groups, that span several genres from hiphop, rock, electronica, soul, down to the experimental - with all proceeds going to help the flood relief efforts of Rock Ed Philippines.

All you need to do is pledge an amount and you'll gain access to a folder loaded with original music from musicians who care and want to do something to help. Just check out the artist lineup and you'll know how dope this folder's going to be. And yo, The Mighty Misc will be donating music for this so you'll get a preview of the "Almost Done" LP.

Just click the image to see the official page to get all the details you need. Nothing better than getting all that good local music AND being able to spread good vibes at the same time.



Fliptop: UNIBERSIKULO (Dos Por Dos Finals)

FlipTop Metro Manila presents: Dos Por Dos Finals - Unibersikulo.
August 31, 2012. B-Side, Malugay Street, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
P500 for pre-sale tickets. Visit the Fliptop Facebook for details and inquiries.

In collaboration with: B-Side x Boom Bap Fridays x Beatbox Philippines x Wip Caps

KOTD3: Global Supremacy Official Lineup

If you didn't see the EARLIER POST on this event, it's just proper to remind y'all that Protege and Anygma are reppin the PI once again in this year's KOTD3: Global Supremacy battles in Canada. 
Give props to our homies and show them some love! For those who want to watch it live online, 
there's a pay-per-view option to catch all the battles on the KOTD USTREAM
Peep out the poster to see the heavy-hitting lineup of the best battle MCs from all over the world. 

HYDRO74 Exhibit at Ronac

Hydro 74 is an Orlando based designer, known for pushing the boundaries in Illustration, Apparel Design and Type Treatments. His attention to detail is widely recognized within and outside creative circles world wide. 
Y'all shouldn't miss out on catching his art on exhibit in Manila! 


Team Manila Rockwell is back!

The much-awaited re-opening.


STATUS Magazine Feature (August 2012)

Big ups to STATUS Magazine for the Miscellaneous feature in their August 2012 issue
with BAPE founder and current Human Made designer, Nigo, on the cover. Grab a copy!


The MF Doom Mask

Blake “KEO” Lethem gives the story behind MF DOOM’s mask. via Frank151


Daily Grind Sessions. 08.31.12

The Diegos x D'Tech x Indie.Nial. Tomorrow @ The Distillery, Jupiter.

Miscellaneous - "Keep Rockin" (live)

Live hiphop @ this year's One Voice Asia anniversary. 2 MPCs, 2 decks, 2 mics...keep rockin!

Third World Project @ B-Side

08.23.12. Third World ProjectPhotobucket

Return Of The Phunky Juan (video teaser)

Blessed with the heart and soul for hiphop, MC Dash of the legendary Legit Misfitz is back to bring life to a lost movement. Here's a preview of his much-awaited release, "Return Of The Phunky Juan". Directed by DJ Arbie Won.

Let the leaders and pioneers show you how its done...

Prometheus Brown x Bambu - "At It Again"

2 of the dopest Filipino MCs reppin it from across the globe.
Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars) and Bambu collab and connect on the album, "Walk Into A Bar"



Hopie feat Moe Green - String Em Up (official vid)

Official video of "String Em Up" by SF-based Filipina MC, Hopie.
Produced by 6Fingers. From the album, Raw Gems.
Spot the El Capitan WIP Cap making a cameo!


Turntablism x Team Manila San Lazaro

Team Manila opens up another store with the wheels of steel. San Lazaro show some love! Photobucket

The Protege shirt and World Domination w Anygma

Caution Clothing teams up with Fliptop's top-tier English battle MC, Protege...

And speaking of Pro, he'll be back with Fliptop founder, Anygma, at KOTD's World Domination 3: Global Supremacy happening at Toronto in August. They'll be reppin' our motherland for the second year in a row, and we're banking on big wins for our brothers. Fists up!


For more details (like how to watch via Ustream), check out the FB INVITE or go to KOTD.COM


Boom Bap Friday: July

Boom Bap goodness every Friday at B-Side. July is looking gooood... Photobucket

ONE VOICE ASIA: Hiphop, Hardcore, Gaming

One Voice Asia celebrates its 16th anniversary with an epic show in Manila, at the Makati Cinema Square this Saturday (July 14). Band and artists from across nations are coming together to rep it for hiphop and hardcore metal. It's gonna be massive!

 Catch The Mighty Misc crew doing it live for the PI!


Video: THE Block Party coverage

THE Clothing threw down an insane Block Party for the Cubao X crowd. Real shit.
Here's a video by Astron, covering all the insanity. Ain't nothing like the nasty north, man.
Mad props to all the heads who rocked and bobbed to our set!

This is THE Block Party from Astron on Vimeo.


The Beat Junkies - For The Record (Documentary)

The World Famous Beat Junkies. Heard they were coming to Manila!

 There are no DJ’s out today that haven’t been influenced by the Beat Junkies at all.
- DJ Jazzy Jeff

The Beat Junkies - For the Record from LRG on Vimeo.

Low Leaf - Take TIme

Some Low Leaf for the rainy season. Download her music via Bandcamp.



C-lo's Sights and Sounds

"A video of my last year and a half, with some awesome people in awesome places.
 Time to learn the fun of the unknown." -- Delphi of The Mighty Miscellaneous

C-lo's sights and sounds from delphiofthetower on Vimeo.


Jordan 4 Retro

The classic Fire Red J4s. Dropping soon.Photobucket



 We believe in the power of positive thinking for social change. 
Are you an #ambassadorofpositivevibes? 


Slapshock x Team Manila!

The much-awaited Slapshock x Team Manila Limited Edition Shirts drop on June 28 Photobucket

Skate Hard, Study Harder

Props to Vans Philippines and We Love Post for this video.
Join the cause. Let them play. Let them sk8.


Fete Dela Musique 2012

June 23, 2012, Makati Avenue (between Kalayaan Ave. & Valdez St.)
4:00 PM - 01:00 AM (next day)
  Fete de la musique 2012 manila

A chunk of Makati City will be closed to traffic and the streets will lead folks to the different stages and a slew of bands/artists/performers all playing on each one, all at the same time. What's dope is that it's back to being real proper: FREE ADMISSION TO ALL VENUES.

And here's the FB invite where you can check out the FULL ARTIST LINEUP FOR EACH STAGE 
Suggest you click on that to know how sick each stage will be!

TheMighty Misc will be back at Fete and dropping a set along with an all-star lineup of local acts on the Hiphop Stage. Roll up and celebrate a day of music with us!