Holiday cheers...


May your season be filled with good choices!



MASTAPLANN x ILL-J x RYE - "The Anthem" official video

The legends, the leaders, the mentors, and the ones we look up to.

Directed and shot by Arbie Won & our own Kevin Vea (DJ Umph!) for CornerEye Filmz.
Edited by Cedric Cordero and Arbie Won.

TEAM MANILA x THE Clothing Xmas Party!

We'll be performing a set for the Team Manila Christmas Party! Free beer! Come down!


via Daily Grind.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Arbie Won - Soul Vibrations


Get this bumping in your stocking! Click the image (to DL and peep out the tracklist).
Or get it here.

Have a mighty merry christmas!


Music, Ink and Sunday...


* Dtech on deck, Umph on MPC. Photo by Tibbz.

So here we are on a lazy Sunday night in December.
MISC is finally complete, and we're up and at it once again.
Dtech, C-Lo, and myself are all back from our foreign visits.
Umph and Tibbz are good to go after wrapping up their own things-to-do.

Now the proverbial ball will roll. Gigs and album release are lined up.
And we're starting it off with a special set tomorrow night for a tattoo-music-themed show for Studio23, to be filmed at Kerplunk Studios in Makati.

After which, we jet straight to Vice Ink at The Collective, where one of us will have to be inked up on camera. Who exactly? We'll settle that when we're there :)

Anyway, hope ya'll catch the show when it airs! Salamat.

- Switch


Pete Philly and Perquisite

Amazing music from back 2007 in Holland nonetheless, kinda feel ashamed that i've only recently heard about these guys... apparently the guys have parted ways, which is sad, but damn their music was good... sick beatz and real rhymes...

check these ones out

Mystery repeats


Time Flies





Don't sleep on this one.
Let's keep the movement positive. Respect!

PI Tourism Posters by TEAMMANILA


Click to see the whole set on Flickr.

Share. Repost. Blog.



DJ Live Podcast For Krasy Kids Radio Oakland, Ca

Sup World!!! It's been a while since i posted something... My bad for that, Imma try to be more constant! the operative word here is try haha! Here's a mix i did For Krazy Kids Radio (bay area). Big up to DJ Ant-1 & Ruby Red I for letting me get down. Its about an hour mix, Listen/Download It (clink on link, DL Link is @ The Bottom of the page.)
Im still in the bay area, gaining weight, and is missing the boys, the studio sessions, ababu & new city (boys hit that up for me one time! haha) and my turntables! I get back to manila Dec.4 Then its on!!! I'm planning to put out a weekly mixtape so watch out for them here. That's All For Now...



French luxury brand Hermes has gone viral. Sick.

Happy hump day ya'll.

- Switch



Where's The Album?!?!

Guess that has been the question on everyone's mind.
We get it a lot in person and online as well.
And yes, we know we announced earlier this year that "Almost Done" was dropping by August 2010. But it's already...October.

Our bad. Anyway, aside from a big and humble apology to those who were waiting and have STILL been loyally waiting (we appreciate it so so much), all we can say for now is that, well, there have been a few developments.



Banksy x The Simpsons Opening Credits

The United Kingdom’s favorite artist vandal, Banksy storyboards and directs the opening sequence to the Simpsons. In classic Bansky fashion, he paints a dark, and creepy vision of the world. He takes the viewer behind the scenes of the process of animation, marketing, and promotion of an animated series like The Simpsons.

Taken from Hypebeast.


First Dibs 2010!

FIRST DIBS 2010 Independent Lifestlye Fair + BBQ.



GAIJIN "Motor Girl"

Gaijin's first single from album "Welcome Back, Earthling" shot by TeamManila.

Gaijin is James Grinter (lead vocal, guitar), Raimund Marasigan (bass, vocal) and Shinji Tanaka (drums). Locked Down!


Vagina Bubbles From Hell!!!

Need we say more? Watch.


PRINCE "20Ten"


Prince is back bringing the Purple Rain.
This is solid. Listen here.

- Switch

AyYoMyMan by Tre Hardson x Fat Lip

Tre Hardson and Fatlip hook-up once again like The Pharcyde of old.

- Switch




Saturday - September 18, 2010

More details on Rogue.

Soul fillet. Soulful eh?
Come through!


MISC GIG: Music is the Hot Hot Six.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2010


Happy Anniversary to Revolver!
It's going to be one electric night of music.


Photos from Pablo's 5th

Peep out the shots from our set at PABLO's 5th Anniversary @ Cubao Expo
(courtesy of CJ Jimenez)


Love to all those who came out.
Next gig is coming up in a few days!



Upcoming GIg: Pablo Gallery 5th Anniversary @ Cubao Expo

SAT. 09/11/10. 7PM onwards.

Join us as we kick in a month-long celebration of Pablo's 5th Anniversary
as they invite Manila's top Urban Artists to paint the walls: Manix Abrera, Electrolychee, WeWillDoodle, Team Manila, 27+20 and PSP

Saturday's debut features the works of Caliph8.
With music by: Pasta Groove, Miscellaneous, Morse, Turbo Goth, Vulture Club and Sugarfree

Drinks by Route 196.




Marvin Gaye - Real Thing: In Performance 1964-1981 DVD

One of the greatest and a huge influence on MISC and our sexy slow jam tendencies.
He rocks it even better live.

- Switch.


Mastaplann Reunion x 2010 DMC Philippine Finals


"The most memorable day in Philippine Hip Hop..."


VIDEO: People's Future - On the Grind

Here it is. Some sick local hiphop from People's Future,
with visuals from The Mighty Misc's very own, DJ Umph (Kevin Vea).
Check the video launched last night at MIND ON THE GRIND.

Props to the fam: JedLi, Verb, Gap, Monique, and Kev.
Congratulations PF! Bound to break necks!


Manila Design Week 2010: Breakdown

Sharing the breakdown of events, exhibits, & artists for MDW 2010!
Pick your poison!




Manila Design Week 2010

A one week festival of art, music, and culture.
It's always loaded with top talent, insightful features, programs, and exhibits that make your head snap. It's a beautiful experience.


THE DIEGOS, GAIJIN, SINOSIKAT?, CHILLITEES, as well as our other friends and artists will be serving up music here and there throughout the days.

Check out the schedule here.

I saw design, and it opened up my eyes...I saw design.

Mr. Musikero

Sinosikat's call to all musikeros & music lovers alike.
A sonny Nicolas Original back in the early 80's

Peep the original

Yeah, that's funky OPM hits for you and yours. Be proud!
- Switch


The brave may never live forever

but they're free..  - C-LO

hola miscellitos y miscellitas!

been bumping Audible's Undivided Attention during and since my commute today and i caught myself doing the crazy face.. you know the one wherein you scrounge up your face and try to break your fucking neck from feeling the beat too much?

kind of like this:

yehehe boyeee! good tunes indeed!

aaaanyway, i got some time to share some things so i will.... summer's kicked in here.. mainit.. malagkit...and everybody's sporting the bright colors of summer.. that got me thinking.. of  how fashionably overlooked the mighty misc is! a damn shame because we, are like, you know, very fashionista and all! gosh talaga!


and so i have taken upon myself  to rectify this travesty by sporting the ultimate summer hip-hop get-up.


its a hoodie and a thong all in one. perfect for all hip-hop seasons. rain or shine! swak na swak!

jokes aside. July is almost done for. im sure we'll get some updates on the album status soon.

great googly moogly i dont think i can be more excited! i need something to tide me over.

and this guy/song does the trick every time..

big ups to whoever can name what song dj premier sampled this masterpiece.

paalam friends!


DOPE VID. Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory.

Thanks to MAGIC89.9's DJ Pat for sharing this clip with us.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory footage.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

"Kingdom of the unreal but also a higher state of being, ultimately free of the limitations of the material world through the agency of science, technology, and imagination."

Visit neurosonicsaudiomedical.com for more info and credits.

- Switch


DC Universe Online Trailer

From http://www.dcuniverseonline.com/
DC Universe™ Online is the only next-generation massively multiplayer online action game that delivers unparalleled physics-powered combat set in the DC Universe™. This genre-defining game puts the power of the DC Super Heroes and villains into the palm of your hands.

See the character list on Wiki -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC_Universe_Online

...then pass me that cup of geek juice, please.

- Switch

SOULFIESTA x LOONIE "The Ones Who Never Made It"


Taken from soulfiesta.blogspot.com --
Loonie's album is packed with thought, momentum, story, depth and relevance all punctuated with rhymes and delivery you have never heard before in ANY OPM HIPHOP ACT. The INTRO alone sets up the two sided thought process behind the album title. Songs like The Bobo Song, Quinta, Walang Babala are easy favorites. The guests artists and MC's in this album where well picked. Hi C, Dice, Konflick, Tuff, Gloc 9, Rhyxodus, God's Will, Mike Kosa, JSkeelz, Toney Chrome, Nimbusnine, Mikkeraphone, Ron Henley and Klumcee trade bars with Loonie throughout the album in a careful balance of brilliance and integrity. Soundscapes provided by monster producers The Beatmonx - doing most of the beats; CH and Jaytek. It won't be a Loonie album if it didn't stir up jokes and controversy. From calling out other local MC's on songs to an MC Battle skit to that recorded phone call from an irate woman.

Download the album for free, also included are lyrics, and a bonus track featuring the late great Francis Magalona (produced by Chrizo), and a letter to the fans:


Don't sleep on this one. For real.

- Switch



Love their name. Digging the video.
Didn't even know this guy (Fonzworth Bentley?)came out with an album.
But hey, Andre 3000 always puts a stamp of fresh on anything.

Speaking of which, MISC has always talked amongst ourselves to bust out Temptation-like moves during a set. We always get through the conceptualization and planning stages...but execution always ends up in laughter.

- Switch

The Teletransporter

I love advertising that cuts through with the right insight, and integration into consumer behavior. Here's an example.

An innovative and controversial way for beer lovers to get some extra time in at the bar...

- Switch


Congratulations to Jigger!

We would like to wish a quick congratulations to our manager and friend, CEO and founder of Locked Down Entertainment, JIGGER DIVINA, for the successful delivery of his baby boy. We know you'll be a great father!


Don't Turn The Lights On

So here we are. Middle of the week and blindsided by another typhoon.
It's been frantic out there what with the wind, rain, and rush
...not to mention massive brownouts everywhere.

But you know what? Maybe sometimes it's better to just wait it out
and appreciate both silence and shadows.

Don't turn the lights on. Coz tonight, I want to see you in the dark.
Take it away Chromeo...

Don't Turn the Lights On by Chromeo

Hope this day ends on a "brighter" note for you guys.
Much love.

- Switch


more devirginizing... other miscellaneous interests


Pre BitterCold - By Vinny Minton from Imperial Productions on Vimeo.




Skateboarding filmed with the Phantom Camera from Billabong on Vimeo.


F' It Teaser from Forum Snowboards on Vimeo.

devirginize mondays artsy fartsy

here are a c0uple of links to some of my fav art stuff

Freedom Tunnel from Charles le Brigand on Vimeo.

Tiger Rabbit in Hongdae, Seoul from Gaia Uroboros on Vimeo.

Sombras e projeção na escola from Fábio Riff on Vimeo.

3 sketcbooks from ema jons on Vimeo.


UPCOMING GIGS: Meiday! Revolver! Cubao Expo and Saguijo, July10.

The Mighty Miscellaneous is doing a double-header this Saturday, July 10.

Starting off 8PM @ Cubao Expo:

(in cooperation with the up underground music community)
show starts at 5pm

taken by cars
arigato hato
ang bandang shirley
corporate lo-fi
zach and the action pact
halik ni gringo
techy romantics
juan pablo dream
coffeebreak island
the lowtechs
twin lobster
oi wag dito/meshugababes
the strangeness
people's future
picoy cruz
only revolutions


...then we head straight to Saguijo (Makati) by 11PM for a night of liberating rock,hip-hop and soul:

"Revolver Productions"

SoulDefiance w/ Chillities
ILL-J w/ Iconic
The Out of Body Special
& Peoples Future

Yes. You know it. is. on.
Masaya to.

See you there xxxxxxx


Anything Goes Thursday!!!

What Up Every Body... Sorry For the absence in posting. The internet at my place has been pretty
unreliable... For the main reason that I'm a Bandwidth Bandit... I only have internet when the tenants above me turn on theirs. Hehe but anyways back to the blog.... Here's Another SJK (slowjamkings) recommendation... Inspired mainly from the Lowrider Oldies Collection...



Miscellaneous @ Cubao Ex and Saguijo JULY 10



It's a double-header as we drop sets @ Cubao Expo around 8PM and then head straight to Saguijo in Makati to continue the madness...

July 10, Saturday.

Details to follow.

PLAKADO: All Vinyl Night!

To all audiophiles, vinyl heads, and music maniacs..this night is something we've all been waiting for. The illest on the 1s and 2s spinning nothing but vinyl!

Bring your records to sell, trade, or (if you're nice like that) give away...


Locked Down's new logo will also be launched on this night!
Happening at Team Manila's newest concept store at The Collective so you know that IT. IS. ON.

Dig deep into your crates, Manila.

Team Manila Lifestyle x Manila Beer x Locked Down Entertainment x Lomography x The Collective

- Switch


Last night I bumped into my homeboy Julo, proprietor of Commune and a usual suspect at Play Tuesdays, and I was humbled by how he reached out and offered support and brotherhood to MISC in helping spread the music and keeping it all united.

Commune is a group of people i personally admire in taste and character, and in how they have built their movement underground while keeping it raw and definitely real. Props to the inspiring hustle of these young cats!

So in returning the good chakra...


Commune MNL was birthed in order to continue building a community for those who creatively share their love for the independent lifestyle/culture, whether it be in fashion, music and art.

Commune MNL is inspired by those who have worked from the ground up -- always believing, aspiring, grinding and hustling to become the best they can be.

Commune MNL supports the rise of independent brands here in the Philippines while honoring the international pioneers of the streetwear industry.

Commune MNL believes in the intersection of passions and social responsibilities.

Communicate, Congregate, Collaborate, Commune.


- Switch


tune in: Summer NAMM 2010

This year's Summer NAMM was a little bit disappointing - there didn't seem to be any jaw dropping gear.  Here's some of the new gear that was showcased:


Safe trip to DJ Umph + album updates

Today we bid a safe trip to Kev (DJ Umph), as he departs for the good ol' U-S-of-A.  We hope he has a blast out there reuniting with family and old friends.  And of course, I hope your fingers get dusty digging. 

His departure meant that we had to pull some crunch time in the studio to arrange and track out the last of the instrumentals for the album.  All arrangements and sequencing are finally done.  Now, it's all about mixing and mastering, and some last minute vocal tweaks.  

Oh, and how can I forget the cuts by D'tech.

So that's 16 tracks in, time to cut things down.

With that said, we're going to miss kickin' it at Kev's studio, which has served as the main venue for our drunken stupors and creative collisions.  One month is a long time, but when he comes back, it will be just in time for our album launch.

The LP is officially, "Almost Done". 

Safe journey to you all wherever you may be going, whether its real or imagined.  

Stay tuned.


Beats on an iPad, and an iPhone guitar.

Alo alo....

Sorry I wasn't able to post up yesterday with all the errands that I finally got to do given we had a nice mid-week break...although i would have wished that the holiday were today as we all need a good day's rest and recuperation from DTech's party @ B-side last night *gags at the memory of alcohol*

So let me just share some cool finds on music-making...

Korg’s iElectribe for iPad. This app gears up an iPad with a four-part percussion synthesizer, 16-step sequencer, 64 preset patterns, and more goodies that will satisfy up any beatsmith's sweet tooth.

Oh No (Stones Throw) uses up to three iPads at a time to create beats. Here’s what he had to say about the process:

This next one looks pretty cool and fun...in theory, photo and description. Though i don't really see why we need this or if it will have any real good use...save for a short entertainment fix (or maybe for innovative bands who want to experiment):


The Fingerist allows you to covert your Iphone/Ipod Touch into a fully functional guitar. It is even made with a line output so you can plug into an amp. (www.individualsole.com)


- Switch


A Wet Weekend @ Lago

Last weekend, we had the privilege to spin for a wakeboard competition/event at Lago de Oro.  It was a great escape from the hustle of the city, and an awesome change of atmosphere from the usual venues we play music at. 

Working off only a couple of hours of sleep and a Generoso hangover, D'tech and myself held the fort during Saturday morning and afternoon while C-lo emcee'd the event.  

Although we were still quite groggy in the AM, a triple egg bacon and cheese omelette for breakfast accompanied by a cup of coffee woke us right up.

Once we started spinning...we started drinking.  Free booze the whole day is a wonderful thing.

Although a brief brownout in the late afternoon cut our session short, we took a much needed break and watched the competition before the rain started pouring.  

After an awesome buffet dinner, it was time to setup for the after party.  Switch and D'tech rocked the house as usual, and the party got wet and wild.  After an intense game of beer pong, folks started throwing each other in the pool, pouring buckets of ice cold water over each other, and karaoke-ing to the songs the boys played.  Wild shit.  


Happy Birthday DJ DTECH!!!!!


Just a short shout-out to our very own, DJ Dtech who celebrated his 27th yesterday, over a weekend wakeboarding roadtrip and gig at Lago de Oro for Stoked Inc.
C-lo, Switch, Tibbz, Dtech, Jia, Mitch, Kyla and Eva in full effect.
Nothing but good times with the fam. That's how we do!

But to bring the vibe back to the city, and to continue the celebration...


free for all Sunday?

good gorilla grodd!! i finally drag my behind to post something up on this blog. AND NOT ON MY DAY SLOT (whoa!!!sounds kinky!!)TO BOOT!! i guess i cannot consider myself to be.... a blogger?... blogista?.. miscellista who blogs??..yet.

anyway fellow misculados, forgive me for taking this long. working drone and all..

excited for the album? fuck yeah. hold up, let me emphasize that- PHUKKZ YAH! PANKS NOT DEAD!!
seriously, i-can-not-wait. im trying real hard not to pester the group to send me sneak previews of the finished pieces. i know it would pay-off when i listen to it all in one go.then a million more.. and imitate switch reciting the words in front of a mirror holding a brush or a razor pretending it to be a mic.

sadly, with my current location and solid dream to be a good husband to my unbelievably understanding and lovely queen, i have nothing to tell you about misc... nor updates about the album.

what i do have is a story to tell.

see, contrary to very popular belief, i read books. real ones. (cause everyone who knows me knows that i spend a shit ton of time loosing myself within the panels of comics. )



In a bit of a funk...

So, the album is almost done...this is good...but i've been having this creative funk...which is bad...so i took yet another break from what i'm supposed to be doing and went looking for old beats in an old hard drive. went through a few shitty ones then came across this Ace Won (Down Earf) track which i had forgetten about...

I think we recorded this in 2005. he dropped by, we had one of our usual debates on women, "back in the day", conspiracy theories, etc...then he threw this down in one take...

Now...if you were around in the late 90's, you can't really mention Ace Won without going down memory lane and stopping at Down Earf. Here's a link to Caliph8, Ace Won's and DJ Arbie Won's classic EP, "Knowin' Iz Half the Battle":

While we're at it, check out this clip of Ace Won and Caliph8 droppin an impromptu Down Earf set at Spoken Herb.

There's supposed to be another Spoken Herb coming up this July. Check the Facebook Page for updates on this.

it's funny, i was supposed to be finishing the arrangement on a couple of tracks for the Misc Album and ran into a bit of a creative funk (which has been haunting me the past few weeks). And then got distracted by the world wide web once again...sorry Tibbz...

But sitting here listening to Knowin' Iz Half the Battle and remembering witnessing all the work Caliph8, Ace Won and DJ Arbie Won put into crafting this masterpiece, may have provided the inspirational juice i needed to get out of this funk...

Spread Love
- Umph

"Yo I'm strictly about skills and dope lyrical coastin/ Relying on talent, not marketing and promotion..." - KRS-One

"Stop wastin your money on marketing schemes/ and pretty packages pushin dreams to the beams/ A dope MC is a dope MC/ With or witout a record deal, all can see..." - KRS-One


Rage of The Red Lanterns by AJAX

Our MISC brother from across the seas has done it again.
As some of you may know, Ajax not only has wicked rhyme skills, but also some insane toy-customizing creativity.

Check out his latest creation:

Red Lanterns - Timov Chum & Dex-star the Rage Kitteh

Sweeeeeeeeet. We're mad proud of this boy.

- Switch


Beatravelin' w DJ Arbie Won

Tomorrow we're hooking up at DJ Arbie Won's studio to work on some sticky stuff (you'll find out soon enough). This just got me mad excited.

So to pay homage to a pioneer of both local DJ and hiphop culture, as well one of our mentors, here is the Beatraveler...

Know the truth and recognize the real!

Dj Arbie Won's "Future Past" Instrumental album coming 2010
and "United Freestyles V3" coming 2010

Daily Grind Clothing X Locked Down Entertainment

for updates check out

- Switch


tune in: Rock Band 3

To all you music gaming enthusiasts that have blistered your fingers and have wasted countless hours of your time rocking out with a plastic guitar controller with no knowledge of chords at all, you now have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.  Or at least get the feel of it.

Harmonix has now released Rock Band 3 with a 2-octave Wireless Keyboard Controller in keytar form factor.


Kicks Went Wrong!

Today I felt in the mood for a sneaker post. Ain't nothing else to it.
But let's take a break from all those dope-ass mouth-watering head-turning drops,
...and look at the other side of the fence.

Here are some of the kicks that went terribly wrong:
(no offense to those who own a pair, or god forbid...two)

NIKE SHOX TL (there IS such a thing as "too much")


tune in: mad men make music

It has been said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. 

After taking a look at these insanely intuitive notations, I believe there is some truth to that statement.

Can you play these? (click on the pic to enlarge):

"Faerie's Aire And Death Waltz" by John Stump.



deverginize mondays: easy ways to make beats

its monday once again, a pleasant vacay day and luckily a no work day as well...

so here we go...

Out of the whole Misc... im probably the most retarded when it comes to making beats. Although i really wish i could, my mental capacity limits me somewhat. After a couple of minutes feeling sorry for myself, i started searching the world wide web for ways for me to feel better, and yes i did find a couple of gems out there.

so for those who like me may be a bit dense when making beats here are two site that are sure to make yah feel a bit better.




both are so much fun, and have endless possibilities.

so have fun wasting time in your office, room, wifi zone or internet cafe




BREAKBOT - Baby I'm Yours (ft. Irfane)

Just decided to leave you all with something before I go off to a gig at Pampanga and a roadtrip to La Union for the long weekend.

Breakbot aka Thibaut Berland is a French producer and DJ1. After studying at the School of Graphic Supinfocom, he made short films (with Oury Atlan and Damien Ferrié called Overtime), advertising and videos (David Hallyday - Satellite, Peter von Poehl - The Story of the Impossible).

In may 2009 he was signed by Ed Banger Records.

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) - HD from Ed Banger Records on Vimeo.

Don't you just love it when good songs have equally good videos?
This one pretty much nailed it.

Let's disco.

- Switch

Urban Ears & Eye Candy

Before we get into today's post, here's a little album update for ya'll:
Just spent a couple of hours in the (newly painted/furnished/arranged) SecondStorySound lab last night with Tibbz to lay down vocals for 3 new songs.

It's always dope how we experiment with different ways to record, even try several "routines" just to change-up the feel and hopefully hit the mark we want. And i think it's always good to keep "takes" at a minimum because if you can't get it in three, then lay it down some other time.

And sometimes...the first turns out to be the best.

Anyway, keep your ears to the ground folks. We hope you love what we're cooking up...


Now. On to today's topic.
Urbanears is a collective out of Scandinavia, that promotes deep connections to color, form and people while transcending individuality and unifying the sound experience. (taken from their website: http://www.urbanears.com/)

I was particularly amazed at how they showcased their headphones catalog. Not only do the earpieces seem very simple, functional, and with the right touch of funk, but they laid them out in very beautifully art-directed layouts. Check check:














(of course, i have no idea how these sound so i can't comment on performance)

But they are visually dope.
Not like this schizophrenic weather were dealing with.

- Switch.