The Homecoming: Mastaplann x Bambu in Manila!

Filipino hiphop at its finest, and back in its motherland.
The legendary MASTAPLANN and LA's illest, BAMBU, are coming home y'all.

Check the full event details and ticket selling on the FB EVENT PAGE


Jahdgement Day is upon us.

Much-awaited record release from that Red-i soundsystem. You got to peep this one out. 4.20



Hiphop Superstars on Arsenio

Y'all should definitely watch this! Respect to the old school. They did it proper.

OFWGKTA - Oldie (dirty video)

Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All.
Or simply "Odd Future" to many, just went and did this on-the-spot video during a photoshoot, with the crew just dropping verses and messing around while the song played in the back.
They decided to release it anyway. True dirt styles.

The OF Tape Vol 2 is out now. Check out ODDFUTURE.COM


Daily Grind Q1 2012

A little preview of what's dropping from DAILY GRIND on March 31 2012. 



Check out the behind-the-scenes HERE
Cop that freshness and rep the DG with us! Support local.

Toe x Toki Asako - Goodbye (live)

These guys were just in town a few days ago. Rockin it like a jam session.

Bagetsafonik 12-cover album

Mad props to local indie-rock band Bagetsafonik for releasing their self-titled sophomore album
in 12 DIFFERENT COVERS to collect and connect. So sick...


Order a copy
Read a review via PULSE


Sounds Of The Underground: FLIPTOP (pilot)

The homie Czar Campos releases Sounds Of The Underground on ChannelFix, aimed to follow different independent and underground artists. In this pilot episode, we get the scoop and knowledge from two purveyors of hiphop, and pillars of the now infamous Fliptop Battle League - MC/founder ANYGMA and the-man-behind-the-lens, Miscellaneous' DJ UMPH.

Take time to watch this. Share it. Get educated.

DJ Arbie Won is The Beatraveler instrumentals (Free Download)

The legendary Beatraveler drops a (limited time) free download of his 1st-ever instrumental album - a collection of beats from 2000 to 2006, all done on an MPC2000, decks, mixer, a Korg Electribe and his infamous vinyl collection. Read the full background, tracklist, and more details on his official blog.



DJ Arbie did a quick vid edit for "By Chance" using old school footage from the local hiphop underground. This one's a throwback for all the real heads who go way back:


In memoriam: Karl Roy.

P.O.T. and Kapatid frontman. Thank you for the music.
photo from Team Manila x Daily Grind

Have a piece of this.

Controooool. Aaaaaalllt. Deleeeeete.

Shouts out to fam for the coverage of what went down during the CtrlAltDel launch.

As always, dope entry about the whole night coming from Monique on The Hiphop In Her. 
Read "Almost Done, Never Finished"
photo by Isi Laureno

And big ups to Julie and Los of Sarisarisounds.com for the feature.
See "Fliphop Reboots"
photo by sarisarisounds

And yo check out these pieces! (sent by Danee Paredes)

#CtrlAltDel your system.

Sinosikat? x Camoi Miraflor x Pasta Groove - Una Sa Lahat (live)

A highlight from the recent MALASIMBO Music & Arts Festival held at Mindoro, Philippines.

Una Sa Lahat was originally done by iconic 70s Filipino band, Hotdog. Producer-musician Pasta Groove resurfaced the song in his 2009 debut album, "The Distinktive Sounds Of Pasta Groove", turning it into an instant cult classic. It features two of the most soulful frontwomen in the scene - Sinosikat's Kat Agarrado and Pinoy Stories' Camoi Miraflor - crooning over PG's elevated instrumentation.

Fast forward to 2012. For the first time, a much-anticipated live performance of Una Sa Lahat was finally performed by Kat, Camoi, and the original members of Sinosikat. Crowd went NUTS.

Here's the Pasta Groove track from the album:

Speech is a weapon I use to fight with (live video)

"Speech" / "Weapon Of Choice"
A lot of cats have been asking about this song. So until the single drops, enjoy the live shit!
The Mighty Miscellaneous at the Fliptop Battle League AHON 2 event last year.
Thanks for supporting speech y'all.

Cameras - Paco Raterta and Czar Campos
Edited by Kevin Vea for ParaSoul Media


The Mighty Miscellaneous - "CtrlAltDel" (Official Video)

Launched last week and now dropping everywhere.
Here's our official video for CtrlAltDel, off the upcoming album "Almost Done"
A 4-track preview EP will be dropped next week for download for all you MISC heads!

Artist: The Mighty Miscellaneous
Song: CtrlAltDel
Album: "Almost Done" (available June 15, 2012)
Label: Locked Down Entertainment
Dir./DOP/Editor: @pSYKkko
Special Thanks: Team Manila x Daily Grind x WIP Caps

Just a couple of old school QC (Quezon City) kids and how they spend an afternoon 
messing around and making music. It gets us restarted on the right vibe.


To those who restarted last night.


Thank you.

All love to the media, friends and fam who made it out last night to the CTRL ALT DEL video and single launch. Likewise to all who sent their best wishes and words of support, and to those who shared and spread the word. Hope y'all enjoyed the video, as well as the live sets!

Thank you ILL-J, Chillitees, and DJ Indie.Nial for rocking it.
Props to Daily Grind and Team Manila.
And of course to Jig Poppa and the Locked Down crew!  

Stay tuned next week when we drop the 4-track preview EP 
and upload the music video all on this blog.

And as finally announced last night, the official full album is "Almost Done" and will be launched on June 15. We hope to see all the same good peoples (and more?) keeping the vibe with us!