Daily Grind Sessions: The Diegos x The Mighty Misc x Indie.Nial

Don't miss these sessions. Live this Tuesday @ Distillery via DAILY GRIND Photobucket


Have you been to Tito's yet?

Been a while since we've posted good eats in this blog - but this one right here is an official Miscellaneous grub spot in the Philippines' world famous beach, Boracay. Owned and managed by our producer/MC Tibbz, it's something you should definitely check out if you enjoy your food and a really dope vibe.

TITOS serves modern Filipino food that combines the casual comfort of a home-cooked meal with the relaxed sophistication of fine dining. With a menu that features several exciting choices, both locals and tourists will surely find something to satisfy their palates. Photobucket TITOS offers panoramic window seating with a breathtaking view of the beachfront, where guests can relax and take in the cool, fresh air. Comfortable weather-resistant banquette seating is also available for customers who are fresh from hanging out on the beach. We also offer air-conditioning for guests who want an oasis away from the heat outside. 

We also have a grill and lounge, where guests are offered a selection of fresh items which they can complement with over a dozen unique sauces to create the ideal meal. To top it all off, customers can enjoy both privacy and the magnificent view of the sea while lounging in comfort. Photobucket Salivate over these photos of the FOOD FROM TITO'S and follow the TITO'S FB PAGE for updates. Kain tayo!

Spoken Herb 2012: festival updates

Ayt check it. First off there's an updated poster artist roster for the Spoken Herb Festival 2012.
To get all you need to know about this and that, visit the redesigned
OFFICIAL SPOKEN HERB SITE where you'll also find out how to score your tickets (out now).
Hope to see y'all at this exploration of words, music and the arts. Let's recognize and grow!


Y'all Phillin It?

Reppin the PH all day, everyday. Dig the 2012 Vacation Nation collection of TEAM MANILA. Photobucket
(click the photo to peep out more) 

Available at Team Manila Stores: TriNoma 3F TriNoma Mall, Quezon City • SM Mall of Asia 2F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay • MarQuee Mall 1F MarQuee Mall, Angeles City, Pampanga • Harbor Point 1F Harbor Point, Subic Freeport Zone • SM Davao 1F SM Davao Annex, Davao City

Online Store www.teammanilalifestyle.com/shop 

Blackstar & Wu-Tang Tribute WIP Caps

More than a month ago, the brotha Nakayama from the WIP CAPS crew gave us a sneak peek of the BLACK STAR (Mos Def x Talib Kweli) and WU-TANG CLAN (36 Chambers) tribute fitteds to be released in 2012. If you think you're getting all orgasmic just from the teaser video below, then wait until you see the actual hats. Shit is mad ill!

Sure to be a quick seller. Get ready to bum rush the shops to get yours.


"Speech" x "Follow" live on Radio Republic

Here's a BTS video taken by Jigger as we dropped a live set in the Radio Republic studios.
Once again, thank you for the honor of featuring MISC as part of the inaugural guests for the launch!

Afrika Bambaataa with the homies!

On his last day in Manila, the legendary Grandfather of Hiphop just wanted to go to Tondo (click that if you're unfamiliar) where he was happy just walking around the streets and trying to local fare of sugarcane. I don't want to go to the rich places. I want to go where the real people are. - Bambaataa

 Photos courtesy of DJ Arbie Won. Full album HERE. Photobucket From L-R: Tempes (Wika), DJ D'Tech (Miscellaneous), Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Umph (Miscellaneous), Pasta Groove, DJ Arbie Won

Bambaataa walking the streets of Tondo


Nix Damn P! - "Lightweight"

Got one of the realest Manila DJs in the scene dropping another one of his "Nixtapes"
Big ups for hooking up MISC with our own Ziploc'd music homie!
Check out his OFFICIAL SITE for more mixes and goodies...

Trust Your DJ. Photobucket

Hit up Nix Damn P! on FACEBOOK or TWITTER
Brought to you in cooperation with WIP Caps x PROGRESS x CLAVEL


Spoken Herb 2012: Artist Roster

The updated artist lineup for this year's Spoken Herb Festival is enough to make your brain salivate. "an exploration of forward-thinking ideas in music and art" Photobucket

Red-i x Camoi - "Lost In Space"

From the Jahdgement Day album from Red-i. Featuring the soulful Camoi of Pinoy Stories.

Album Available On Vinyl & Cd
Calling all aliens...


Adam "MCA" Yauch (1964-2012)

This may come a bit late but we pay our proper respects to the memory of MCA (Beastie Boys) whose music and vision have inspired our generation, and most probably yours as well. Rest in power.
 Photobucket Photobucket



Fliptop Battle League: Dos Por Dos Zoning

Second round of the 2-on-2 Fliptop battle tournament this Saturday.


 More details on the FB INVITE.
Brought to you in cooperation with B-SIDE and WIP Caps.

Spike Lee: The Dolly Shot

A montage of signature Spike.