Vice Ink Debut

Tune into Studio 23 on Jan 31st, 2011 at 12mn. The Vice Ink TV Show will be premiered and will be followed by another 12 weeks of episodes to see who, where, and what is on the show.

Miscellaneous will appear around episode 10 so we hope y'all can tune in!

Taken from Vice Ink YouTube:
It is the first of its kind in the Philippines.
Vice Ink is a reality based lifestyle show, revolving around Vice Ink Tattoo Shop. Each episode follows the owners and tattoo artist of Vice Ink as they run their tattoo shop, travel around the country visiting culturally significant locations while performing on site tattoos and hosting various Pinoy musical groups for live in studio performances. Philippine Lifestyle, Culture and Music is showcased within the popular art of tattoos. Vice Ink showcases the young active Filipino lifestyle and packages it on an engaging, friendly, and artistic platform.

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Daily Grind x DJ Arbie Won

United Freestyles Vol 3 shirts by Daily Grind are out.
Get them at Team Manila stores in Trinoma, Rockwell and MOA.
More designs when the album drops!


via The Beatraveler.


VIDEO: Saguijo Hiphop Night

Video from Saguijo Hiphop Night c/o Soulsonic.
Part 1: AMPON, ILL-J x Iconic, Skarm, Protege, and Jonan Aguilar x Anak
Part 2: The Out of Body Special, Eman Garcia, and Miscellaneous.

Photos: Saguijo Hiphop Night

Click the photo to view.


Shots by Isi Laureano.
Seen are performances by Miscellaneous, ILL-J x Iconic, AMPON,
Eman Garcia, and The Out of Body Special.


Roger Linn + Dave Smith = The Tempest

I haven't felt like buying new gear in awhile...that is until I ran into an article outlining a collaboration between two legends: Roger Linn & Dave Smith.  

Are two minds better than one?  Here is what they came up with:

At a glance:
  • Six analog voices, each with two analog oscillators and two digital oscillators provide deep, rich sound capabilities.
  • Dave’s lowpass filter, a new highpass filter, analog VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier) with feedback, five envelopes, two LFOs, various analog modulation routings.
  • In addition to percussion, you can tune sounds and play scales from the pads, or connect a MIDI keyboard and use it as a 6-voice analog keyboard synth.
  • There’s a small display – 256×64 OLED – but onboard controls are designed for real-time music making (a topic Roger covered with me in more detail, along with his philosophy for how to make drum machines instruments).
  • 2×8 pads, each pressure- and velocity-sensing. Roll function, which doubles as “stutter” when a beat is assigned to a pad.
  • Two touch sliders, each with pressure sensitivity, for more real-time control.
  • Pure analog signal path, but without skimping on effects – stereo analog compressor and distortion, beat-synced delay that actually uses note effects, and beat-synced stutter.
  • Real-time swing controls.

Watch it in action:

Hmmm....maybe I'll pick one up in April...

- Tibbz


One step at a time...

A sneak peek into one of our jam sessions. Enjoy the bump!

Love to the newly-betrothed, Michelle Callanta, for the vid :)


GIG: Saguijo Hiphop Night. Jan12.


Catch us live @ the Saguijo Hip-Hop Night!
Performances by:
A.M.P.O.N. [Absolute Messages Personified Over Noise]
9PM. P150w/1drink.
Also Powered by Revolver Productions.

Photos by CJ Jimenez.
Peep out his work here.

See y'all tomorrow!

- Miscellaneous


Funky Broadway and the Sotto Brothers

what up yall? i had a bit of time to kill today so i went diggin.

after going thru a pile of scratched up air supply and spandeau ballet 45s, i stumbled across this cover of Funky Broadway by the Tilt Down Men (the Sotto Brothers - big up Val and Tito!)...it's always a good day when you find a funky OPM 45...

here's the original version of this track by Dyke and the Blazers. I'm still trying to get my hands on this one though...apparently, this track is considered the breakthrough song for the "FUNK" genre...

the Sotto Brothers knew what the funk was up!

...After the untimely death of Dyke and the Blazers' bandleader (Arlester Christian), members of the group formed the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band...they gave us this funky joint...

which was sampled by Dr. Dre for this NWA jam...

when NWA split up, Eazy E found these guys...

who were later idolized by these guys...

..who happen to have more hits on this video than the bone thugs one...that's fuckin gangsta!

by the way, does anyone have spare tickets for the bone thugz concert tomorrow? or know if Juan Thugs is playing anywhere in Manila?



first beats of the year...

The album is on its way, and with that said, here's a few rough loops to kick the year off.  I don't really know what to do with them, so I might as well share them...

114 by tibbz

DeoD by tibbz



Fliptop dropping the vid on the first minute of 2011!

After all that hype and anticipation, shit finally went down, and it was far and way beyond what everyone expected. A legendary battle between two beasts of talent and genius. Anygma came hard and he came real with it!

Our boy may have won, but overall, it was a victory for hiphop.
Believe that!