Where's The Album?!?!

Guess that has been the question on everyone's mind.
We get it a lot in person and online as well.
And yes, we know we announced earlier this year that "Almost Done" was dropping by August 2010. But it's already...October.

Our bad. Anyway, aside from a big and humble apology to those who were waiting and have STILL been loyally waiting (we appreciate it so so much), all we can say for now is that, well, there have been a few developments.



Banksy x The Simpsons Opening Credits

The United Kingdom’s favorite artist vandal, Banksy storyboards and directs the opening sequence to the Simpsons. In classic Bansky fashion, he paints a dark, and creepy vision of the world. He takes the viewer behind the scenes of the process of animation, marketing, and promotion of an animated series like The Simpsons.

Taken from Hypebeast.