The Do-Over Manila 2: J-Rocc x LeFtO x Haycock

Manila's about to get done over again. The notorious L.A. boogie-down returns for a 2nd affair feat:
J-ROCC (Beat Junkies/ Stones Throw Records, Los Angeles)
LeFtO (Brownswood Records/ Blue Note, Belgium)
and resident Do-Over DJ, Chris Haycock

Brought to you by B-Side and Adidas Originals
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Chillitees - Don't Leave (official video)

New video from the Chillitees. Dropping right in the middle of the summer heat. Pinoy funky soul!


Mick Boogie x Beastie Boys - "Grand Royal" Mixtape

Mick Boogie drops a tribute to the Beastie Boys - new inductees of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

 DOWNLOAD THE "GRAND ROYAL" MIXTAPE (via Frank151) Photobucket

Miscellaneous on Radio Republic

Last night we had a quick and dirty live set in the snazzy Radio Republic studios that went on live streaming via www.radiorepublic.ph. Props to the team behind this OPM movement and for having us at your launch. And shouts out to the hosts Knowa Lazarus, Jerome B Smooth, (birthday boy) FlavaMatikz, Joy Hendrickson, and everyone who tweeted in during the segment. Salutes to all!

Check out the feature on their site and tune in to get interactive & exclusive Pinoy music goodness Photobucket


KAGATAN 5: The 5th Manila Vinyl Swap Meet

KAGATAN 5: Summer BBQ edition. The manila vinyl swap meet is happening once again!
This Saturday, April 28 2012 @ Pablo Gallery, Cubao Expo. Shindig starts at 4pm sharp.

Featuring all vinyl sets, BBQ, booze. Buy-Sell-Trade your Vinyl, CDs, Toys, Music Memorabilia, shirts and what-nots. Or just come kick it to enjoy the dusty sound trip of good music and vibe. Photobucket
If y'all haven't experienced KAGATAN, here are videos/photos for the past vinyl swap meets:

Team Manila Davao opens tomorrow!

Team Manila continues the expansion and inspiration.
The much-awaited Davao store opens tomorrow 04,24.12, at SM City (GF, Annex)
Photobucket Photobucket
What up Davao! Support local!


Fliptop x Beatbox Philippines: Beatbox Battles

Happening next on the Mindfields series. Support the elements.

Brought to you by Fliptop Battle League x Beatbox Philippines
WIP Caps x Daily Grind x B-Side

4.20: B-Side 2nd Anniversary x Jahdgement Day release

4.20.2012 @ B-Side, The Collective
B-Side 2nd Anniversary be gettin' irie. Sick lineup of local sound providers!

AND the official record release party of the Jahdgement Day album by Red-i...

Four-twenty. Two-in-one. Gitwidit!

Daily Grind photos: Bambu x Mastaplann

Snaps of Bambu, Tracer, Johnny Krush & Type during The Homecoming in Manila.
Click the photo to peep the set via The Daily Grind.


Tupac hologram @ Coachella 2012

Dr. Dre x Snoop x Pac. Stepping up the live game once again with this one.


The Homecoming hiphop vibrations

...stay strong even after the main event. The aftershocks of Mastaplann x Bambu: The Homecoming can be felt all over your area, and down to your bones.

Bambu came proper and rocked it live - opening ears and minds on his first visit to the motherland, and delivering his messages with emotion as raw, and as real, as the man himself.

Mastaplann took everyone "rollin in the ride" of hiphop, both old and new. Generations of the local scene - regardless of camp, culture, and creed - were one with all the heads bobbin' and hands in the air. Bumpin' to the timeless songs that started it all, and made us all do what we now do.

A few videos from the show after the jump. Courtesy of the homie Else (phone cam).
Peep out more clips on his YouTube channel.

Philippine hiphop, STAND UP.

BAMBU - "Iron Sheik x Slow Down x Iron Bam" live @ The Homecoming

BAMBU - "The Queen Is Dead" live @ The Homecoming

MASTAPLANN ft DJ ARBIE WON - "The Way Of The Plann" live @ The Homecoming

MASTAPLANN x BAMBU - "Welcome To Manila" live @ The Homecoming


A.M.P.O.N. "Slanted Planets" Album is out!

Absolute Messages Personified Over Noise (AMPON) finally drops their second album.
A decade of lyrical spells haunting over boom-bap explorations and outer-space sounds.
This one's a must-have if you know what's up. Bump that proper ish!

Hit up A.M.P.O.N. on Facebook to get yours.


The Bridge Files: The Mighty Miscellaneous

THE BRIDGE is a highly-curated collection of content integrating essential elements of street and urban culture in the Philippines. It aims to be the authoritative voice on verge culture in the country - bridging artists, musicians, designers, creatives, decision-makers and builders nationwide and worldwide.

It was so dope to be featured and we give it all up to them for the love and support they've shown our music, and for rocking with us during the CtrlAltDel video launch.

Click to peep the full article and interview: THE REAL IS BACK
and check out their vid coverage after the jump.

Cheers to the heads who always got love @nixdamnp / @josemvrco / @sassajimenez / @v_doble



Animating 980 vinyl records.

Benga - I Will Never Change
Directed by Us

Benga - I Will Never Change from Us on Vimeo.

Lifelinez - Minamasdan Ang Kalawakan

Off the Deserted Beings EP. Mind explorations in educated Tagalog hiphop.
Prepare for the underground.

Purchase your EP via the Lifelinez Facebook, or at any Fliptop event


Spoken Herb Festival 2012 (teaser video)

Whet your appetite on some Spoken Herb. Coming in 2012.
One of those festivals you should be at, mos def. Details on the official site.

Improvisations. Abstract. Underground. Hiphop. Jazz. Rhythms. Rhymes.

Spoken Herb from Paolo Garcia on Vimeo.

People's Future - What The Dilis? EP (full listen)

The homies from People's Future got that good stuff bumpin once again.
Their new EP, What The Dilis?, has dropped and you can get a full listen after the jump.
To peep the credits and to know how to get a copy of the music, click HERE

Mad props to Jedli, Verb, and Gap!

Brought to you by People's Future x Vito Crew x Brown Rize x WIP Caps
Artwork by Kid Ninja

New Track: Mastaplann x Bambu - Welcome To Manila

They're coming home and this is their anthem. Be part of the music video of this song.
Be there on April 14, 2012 when they perform this at B-Side for The Homecoming