Where's The Album?!?!

Guess that has been the question on everyone's mind.
We get it a lot in person and online as well.
And yes, we know we announced earlier this year that "Almost Done" was dropping by August 2010. But it's already...October.

Our bad. Anyway, aside from a big and humble apology to those who were waiting and have STILL been loyally waiting (we appreciate it so so much), all we can say for now is that, well, there have been a few developments.



*MISCELLANEOUS at the Team Manila Remixed store @ The Collective, doing our first photo run for the album with Mon (Team Manila) and Jigger (LockedDown).

Are they good developments? Hmmm, we sure hope so.
We're excited that's for sure.
So we really didn't mind pushing the release date further.

Plus, we still always always want to give ya'll good product.
Good music.
A labor of our consolidated minds and talents, that we hope would be worthy of your ears.

So until then, keep your hiphop bumping and your soul funking. (and your patience steady)
We'll be cracking each track until we can all say, in unison, "that's it."

Thank you. Peace and love always.