ANYGMA x PROTEGE are set to dominate.

If y'all haven't heard the good news, our homegrown talents and FLIPTOP legends...



...will be reppin' the country at WORLD DOMINATION 2: NORTH AMERICA -vs- THE WORLD, hosted by KING OF THE DOT, August 5th & 6th - Toronto, Canada.
It's 8 Countries, and 44 Of The Best Battle MC's In The WORLD
(Canada, USA, England, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Philippines, Norway)

We're proud and in full support of our local homeboys.
And we'd like to call out to all y'all to join the prayers and support by helping the funds for the trip. Donate so we can dominate.

Donations via bank transfer/deposit -
Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Account Name: Johann P Uriarte
Account Number: 0429-2819-11

Donations via Paypal click HERE.

Show some love for local hiphop and world-class talent. Salamat!