JedLi of People's Future - The Window Seat (Beat Tape Download)

JedLi drops his second beat tape: The Window Seat. Here's how to get yours.

(Via People's Future on Vimeo)
This is a JedLi Exclusive only for the listeners. If you are really interested in receiving a copy of this FREE beat tape then follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Like People's Future on Facebook
2. Just leave your email add on the comment box, like, or share the video on our page
3. Patiently wait and we'll send it through your email or your personal account (just make sure your settings on Facebook can receive messages from a non-friend)

JedLi of People's Future - Keepin' It Clean (The Window Seat: Beat Tape VOL. II) from peoplesfuture on Vimeo.