The Homecoming hiphop vibrations

...stay strong even after the main event. The aftershocks of Mastaplann x Bambu: The Homecoming can be felt all over your area, and down to your bones.

Bambu came proper and rocked it live - opening ears and minds on his first visit to the motherland, and delivering his messages with emotion as raw, and as real, as the man himself.

Mastaplann took everyone "rollin in the ride" of hiphop, both old and new. Generations of the local scene - regardless of camp, culture, and creed - were one with all the heads bobbin' and hands in the air. Bumpin' to the timeless songs that started it all, and made us all do what we now do.

A few videos from the show after the jump. Courtesy of the homie Else (phone cam).
Peep out more clips on his YouTube channel.

Philippine hiphop, STAND UP.

BAMBU - "Iron Sheik x Slow Down x Iron Bam" live @ The Homecoming

BAMBU - "The Queen Is Dead" live @ The Homecoming

MASTAPLANN ft DJ ARBIE WON - "The Way Of The Plann" live @ The Homecoming

MASTAPLANN x BAMBU - "Welcome To Manila" live @ The Homecoming