DJ Arbie Won ft. Katwo & Analog MC - Trapper Keeper (Official Video)

1st single from the highly-anticipated album series from DJ ARBIE WON.
United Freestyles Vol 3 comes out this year. And if you know your local hiphop, you'll know how iconic United Freestyles has been in the recent years, and how it has grown as much as the scene it has represented. Just read through Arbie's profile on Mixcrate and you'll know what's up.

But enough chit chat. This is simply pinoy music to be proud of. Elevated & experimenting beyond.
Produced by Dj Arbie Won is the Beatraveler featuring Katwo (Duster) and Analog MC (Bagetsafonik)

Directed & Edited by Arbie Won
Camera by: Kevin Vea
Produced by Next Frame X Cant Stop! Diggin'

Special thanks to:
Pablo Galleries( Yo & Ossie)
Daily Grind Clothing/ Team Manila