Bambu's Rent Money Tour in Manila this weekend!

Los Angeles emcee BAMBU returns to his PI motherland this weekend when the Rent Money Tour hits Manila at B-Side, The Collective (Makati City). Set to be a 3-day affair in cooperation with the Philippines' world-famous Fliptop Battle League, Renegade Collective, and Daily Grind Clothing

Nov 9 (Fri) and 10 (Sat) will feature a stacked lineup of Fliptop's battle MCs going at it in head-to-head competition, along with beatbox battles and live performances for the AHON 4 event.

And on Nov 11 (Sun), Bambu hits the stage to close out the weekend right before ushering in the insane weekly reggae event at B-Side, Irie Sunday. It's going to be massive y'all!

The Mighty Miscellaneous will be opening up for Bambu together with other legendary local hiphop talents so we're mad stoked to be a part of this weekend.

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 DO NOT MISS THIS ONE. Photobucket Photobucket