Roger Linn + Dave Smith = The Tempest

I haven't felt like buying new gear in awhile...that is until I ran into an article outlining a collaboration between two legends: Roger Linn & Dave Smith.  

Are two minds better than one?  Here is what they came up with:

At a glance:
  • Six analog voices, each with two analog oscillators and two digital oscillators provide deep, rich sound capabilities.
  • Dave’s lowpass filter, a new highpass filter, analog VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier) with feedback, five envelopes, two LFOs, various analog modulation routings.
  • In addition to percussion, you can tune sounds and play scales from the pads, or connect a MIDI keyboard and use it as a 6-voice analog keyboard synth.
  • There’s a small display – 256×64 OLED – but onboard controls are designed for real-time music making (a topic Roger covered with me in more detail, along with his philosophy for how to make drum machines instruments).
  • 2×8 pads, each pressure- and velocity-sensing. Roll function, which doubles as “stutter” when a beat is assigned to a pad.
  • Two touch sliders, each with pressure sensitivity, for more real-time control.
  • Pure analog signal path, but without skimping on effects – stereo analog compressor and distortion, beat-synced delay that actually uses note effects, and beat-synced stutter.
  • Real-time swing controls.

Watch it in action:

Hmmm....maybe I'll pick one up in April...

- Tibbz