Sinosikat? x Camoi Miraflor x Pasta Groove - Una Sa Lahat (live)

A highlight from the recent MALASIMBO Music & Arts Festival held at Mindoro, Philippines.

Una Sa Lahat was originally done by iconic 70s Filipino band, Hotdog. Producer-musician Pasta Groove resurfaced the song in his 2009 debut album, "The Distinktive Sounds Of Pasta Groove", turning it into an instant cult classic. It features two of the most soulful frontwomen in the scene - Sinosikat's Kat Agarrado and Pinoy Stories' Camoi Miraflor - crooning over PG's elevated instrumentation.

Fast forward to 2012. For the first time, a much-anticipated live performance of Una Sa Lahat was finally performed by Kat, Camoi, and the original members of Sinosikat. Crowd went NUTS.

Here's the Pasta Groove track from the album: