HABAGAT SOUNDS: Music For a Cause

What uuuuuuuppp...

We hope y'all can support this project! HABAGAT SOUNDS is a growing library of tracks from our local artists/groups, that span several genres from hiphop, rock, electronica, soul, down to the experimental - with all proceeds going to help the flood relief efforts of Rock Ed Philippines.

All you need to do is pledge an amount and you'll gain access to a folder loaded with original music from musicians who care and want to do something to help. Just check out the artist lineup and you'll know how dope this folder's going to be. And yo, The Mighty Misc will be donating music for this so you'll get a preview of the "Almost Done" LP.

Just click the image to see the official page to get all the details you need. Nothing better than getting all that good local music AND being able to spread good vibes at the same time.