Inside the Philippine hiphop DJ scene

An interesting read via filamfunk that takes you through the cracks and crevices of the current 
hiphop DJ scene in Manila. Check the excerpts and click through to read the FULL ARTICLE. Photobucket

Certainly, the music has changed since the 1990s, but how much control do DJs have in shaping the reception of new music, especially when much of the music being produced by Philippine artists are not even getting much love by Filipinos? If "open-format" cannot accommodate hip hop (at least at this point), even more does it fail to promote original Pilipino hip hop. 

Philippine DJs are in a constant struggle to be a part of this changing musical soundscape, which does not always sound the way they'd like. But they spin anyway. And as fans first, their profession is rooted in a passion for hip hop.