Last night I bumped into my homeboy Julo, proprietor of Commune and a usual suspect at Play Tuesdays, and I was humbled by how he reached out and offered support and brotherhood to MISC in helping spread the music and keeping it all united.

Commune is a group of people i personally admire in taste and character, and in how they have built their movement underground while keeping it raw and definitely real. Props to the inspiring hustle of these young cats!

So in returning the good chakra...


Commune MNL was birthed in order to continue building a community for those who creatively share their love for the independent lifestyle/culture, whether it be in fashion, music and art.

Commune MNL is inspired by those who have worked from the ground up -- always believing, aspiring, grinding and hustling to become the best they can be.

Commune MNL supports the rise of independent brands here in the Philippines while honoring the international pioneers of the streetwear industry.

Commune MNL believes in the intersection of passions and social responsibilities.

Communicate, Congregate, Collaborate, Commune.


- Switch