SOULFIESTA x LOONIE "The Ones Who Never Made It"


Taken from soulfiesta.blogspot.com --
Loonie's album is packed with thought, momentum, story, depth and relevance all punctuated with rhymes and delivery you have never heard before in ANY OPM HIPHOP ACT. The INTRO alone sets up the two sided thought process behind the album title. Songs like The Bobo Song, Quinta, Walang Babala are easy favorites. The guests artists and MC's in this album where well picked. Hi C, Dice, Konflick, Tuff, Gloc 9, Rhyxodus, God's Will, Mike Kosa, JSkeelz, Toney Chrome, Nimbusnine, Mikkeraphone, Ron Henley and Klumcee trade bars with Loonie throughout the album in a careful balance of brilliance and integrity. Soundscapes provided by monster producers The Beatmonx - doing most of the beats; CH and Jaytek. It won't be a Loonie album if it didn't stir up jokes and controversy. From calling out other local MC's on songs to an MC Battle skit to that recorded phone call from an irate woman.

Download the album for free, also included are lyrics, and a bonus track featuring the late great Francis Magalona (produced by Chrizo), and a letter to the fans:


Don't sleep on this one. For real.

- Switch