Beats on an iPad, and an iPhone guitar.

Alo alo....

Sorry I wasn't able to post up yesterday with all the errands that I finally got to do given we had a nice mid-week break...although i would have wished that the holiday were today as we all need a good day's rest and recuperation from DTech's party @ B-side last night *gags at the memory of alcohol*

So let me just share some cool finds on music-making...

Korg’s iElectribe for iPad. This app gears up an iPad with a four-part percussion synthesizer, 16-step sequencer, 64 preset patterns, and more goodies that will satisfy up any beatsmith's sweet tooth.

Oh No (Stones Throw) uses up to three iPads at a time to create beats. Here’s what he had to say about the process:

This next one looks pretty cool and fun...in theory, photo and description. Though i don't really see why we need this or if it will have any real good use...save for a short entertainment fix (or maybe for innovative bands who want to experiment):


The Fingerist allows you to covert your Iphone/Ipod Touch into a fully functional guitar. It is even made with a line output so you can plug into an amp. (www.individualsole.com)


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