Safe trip to DJ Umph + album updates

Today we bid a safe trip to Kev (DJ Umph), as he departs for the good ol' U-S-of-A.  We hope he has a blast out there reuniting with family and old friends.  And of course, I hope your fingers get dusty digging. 

His departure meant that we had to pull some crunch time in the studio to arrange and track out the last of the instrumentals for the album.  All arrangements and sequencing are finally done.  Now, it's all about mixing and mastering, and some last minute vocal tweaks.  

Oh, and how can I forget the cuts by D'tech.

So that's 16 tracks in, time to cut things down.

With that said, we're going to miss kickin' it at Kev's studio, which has served as the main venue for our drunken stupors and creative collisions.  One month is a long time, but when he comes back, it will be just in time for our album launch.

The LP is officially, "Almost Done". 

Safe journey to you all wherever you may be going, whether its real or imagined.  

Stay tuned.