A Wet Weekend @ Lago

Last weekend, we had the privilege to spin for a wakeboard competition/event at Lago de Oro.  It was a great escape from the hustle of the city, and an awesome change of atmosphere from the usual venues we play music at. 

Working off only a couple of hours of sleep and a Generoso hangover, D'tech and myself held the fort during Saturday morning and afternoon while C-lo emcee'd the event.  

Although we were still quite groggy in the AM, a triple egg bacon and cheese omelette for breakfast accompanied by a cup of coffee woke us right up.

Once we started spinning...we started drinking.  Free booze the whole day is a wonderful thing.

Although a brief brownout in the late afternoon cut our session short, we took a much needed break and watched the competition before the rain started pouring.  

After an awesome buffet dinner, it was time to setup for the after party.  Switch and D'tech rocked the house as usual, and the party got wet and wild.  After an intense game of beer pong, folks started throwing each other in the pool, pouring buckets of ice cold water over each other, and karaoke-ing to the songs the boys played.  Wild shit.  

As if the weekend couldn't get any better, it was also D'tech's birthday.  So as the clock struck 12MN on the 27th, he was welcomed with a couple of shots, and was able to spin 'til the wee hours of the morn.  Happy birthday bro.

So that's a short summary of what went down, if y'all want to see more pictures from that weekend, it will be uploaded soon, so check back here for updates.  But just so you get an idea of how awesome it was, we ended our trip with this view:



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