From Verse to Converse.


Some MC edutainment from the prolific wordsmith, Talib Kweli...

From open mics to solutions, I got a collage of answers
And a ten point program just like the Black Panthers
One: First respect yourself as an artist
If you don't respect yourself then your rhymes is garbage
Two: Make sure your crew is as tight as you
‘Cause when them n----s fallin’ off, they gonna bring you down too
Three: Understand the meaning of MC
The power to move the crowd like Moses split the seas
Four: Know your s--t and don't ever be blunted
If you don't know what the words mean then your rhymes mean nothin’
Five: Kick facts in the raps, and curse with clarity
What's a curse when language is immersed in vulgarity?
Six: We gonna fix industrial poli-tricks
S—t, they made an art form out of ridin’ dicks
Seven: We soldiers for God needin’ new recruits
So if you rhymin’ for the loot, then you’s a prostitute
But Eight: Acknowledge that you need food on your plate
In order to say your grace, make sure your business is straight
Nine: We buildin’ black minds with intelligence
And when you freestyle, keep the subject matter relevant
Ten: Every MC grab a pen
And write some conscious lyrics to tell the children
I'll say it again, every MC find you a pen
And drop some conscious s--t for our children
The Manifesto. 

This was actually his third verse on "The Manifesto", 
which was part of the Lyricist Lounge Vol.1 compilation. 
One of the best verse compositions I've come across.
Simple and with universal substance.
Let's get back to the dirt ya'll.

peep the full lyrics and listen to the song here:

On that note, what would you rank as really well-written or delivered verses/songs?
I can already think of A LOT.
And the question isn't just for you hiphop heads out there...

Happy listening.

- Switch