The Topic of Top 5

It's always a staple topic during random drinking sessions, road trips, or maybe even to break those awkward silences between sips of coffee...

Your TOP 5.

And this has taken many permutations such as top 5 albums, top 5 artists, books, soundtracks, live performers, movies, women, ways to prepare pork...the list goes on and on.

Sometimes the question is even situated in a very colorful scenario such as....
"Ok, you're stranded alone on an island with a CD player and just 5 albums that you will listen to for the rest of your life (or for a year)...what would they be?"


"Ok, you're picking up a girl for a first date. Your iPod (for some twisted reason) can only play 10 songs...what 10 songs will you load on it knowing that it's going to be the songs playing in your car for the ride?"

Indeed, the topic of Top 5's is always either easily answered or will leave you stumped and undecided - sometimes even changing your answer multiple times after you hear other people give their picks.

So, in celebration of an extra day without work, maybe you can spend it coming up with your own creative "Top 5" list.


Miscellaneous album out in August 2010!

- Switch