Hello, Pop Culture? Wake Up Call.

Just another clip I wanted to share with everyone today before I sign out.
Ironically, I am posting this on a blog that will eventually be linked and shared on Facebook.

But the girl speaks the truth...and the truth is always worth squeezing our mind grapes.

Technology has made us too accessible lately.
If you cant write me, call me, page me, two-way me, chirp me,
or text me then you must be standing right next to me.

See to me, this is new-age stalking and its scary on some
chain-mail if i dont send to five friends i wont find my true love type ****.
and you see i am so sick of hearing from people because we have
become addicted to these wireless connections,
and i see devices replacing the physical,

i mean what happened to "Okay give me the time and place and imma come see you"
now its "Okay give me your name and your email and imma do a search for you".

And im confused how we accept cell phones, monthly plans, overages, and activation fees
and then have the audacity to be mad our speech aint free.
And i mean its good to keep it touch but i could do that from a distance, for instance,
i will call you when i get home after nine so i wont waste my daytime minutes.

Yeah to a point, i do it too but sometimes
you gotta say **** myspace cuz i need my space
and tell facebook i want my face back!

See we all perpetuate this and whether you realize it or not, you welcome the government
cuz we say **** the patriot act but we do their job for them
cuz every time we fill out a profile or an about me box or a questionnaire
we inform them we getting too close for comfort and its only getting worse.

Next we'll be posting obituaries and bulletins downloading corpses
and emailing somebody just to get a hearse.
We are giving people reasons to stalk, spy, and be nosy
but we dont care as long as your profile allows pictures and comment posting.
We are obsessed with people getting to know us assuming that they will keep it at a distance.
**** i have to admit it, i dont know half the five hundred and twenty four people on my friends list.

And This is our problem, we cant deal with the face to face so we let technology replace the space that people are supposed to feel. lets face it we are internally afraid of whats real. and we forgotten that physical contact is more important than our number of contacts

so we settle for convenience forgetting that physical contact is more important than our number of contacts so we let public access get excess even if its at our privacy's expense.

You feel that silent rush of both agreeing with her words, BUT also trying to defend your use of the aforementioned technology?

Yeah, me too.

- Switch

p.s. Thank you to the lovely Ms. Michelle Callanta for sharing this with me.