uninety-two's day

The UNITE gig at u92 completely revived our enthusiasm for the album, since we haven't performed in awhile, even though our set was cut down to only two songs.

<------ [click the picture to view the photos from that night]

As soon as we arrived at the station, we were able to catch the Out of Body Special perform their set, and they rocked it as always.  

LockedDown cats were also present that night: Bagetsafonik, Gaijin, People's Future and Ill-J.  We were blessed enough to peep PF's set in the booth, as you can see in the photo album.  As for the rest of the LD fam, we subsequently caught their performances on the radio as we headed home. 

But before retiring for the night, we stopped by ABABU for a late night dinner. As Kev (UMPH) said, "If we can't get drunk, we might as well have some good eats. "

As we insatiably consumed our food, the folks at Ababu were tuned in to real time updates on the ballot counting.  I thank the greater forces out there for allowing our nation to have a relatively peaceful and swift election.  I beg those same forces for new leaders that will hopefully bring better days.

To read on an alternative angle on election coverage, the folks over at Bulatlat.com provide a different perspective than what is currently portrayed in the mass media.  

And so....since I'm still fighting off the ill-effects of Tanduay, here' s good ol' Wes, Joshua Redman and my fav of all time, Bob James, to pick-me-up and add spice to my morning java:

Coffee and cigarettes. Sip and smoke.