soundtrip to fill in the gap between words...

Dave Liebman
"Drum Ode"

PLAY:  -8 on the 1200's = more soul to my my feeble ears...

Index and thumb won't lift the needle...tripping tripping tripping all the way through to the end. 

No favorites. Eclectic and balanced at the same time. 

Good energy.  Good vibes.  Cosmic collisions throughout the tides.

A1 - Golf Dance
A2 - Loft Dance
A3 - Oasis
A4 - The Call
B1 - Your Lady
B2 - The Iguana's Ritual
B3 - Satya Dhwani (True Sound)

Dave Liebman - soprano+senor sax, alto flute
Richard Beirach - electric piano
Gene Perla - electric and acoustic basses
John Abercrombie - electric and acoustic guitars
Jeff Williams+ Bob Moses - drums
Patato Valdez - congas, electric congas
Steve Sattan+Barry Altschul - percussion
Badal Roy+Collin walcott - tablas
Ray Armando - bongas, percussion
Eleana Steinberg - vocal