Anything Goes Thursday!!!

What up what up...!!!

I was lucky enough to spin a set along side dj arbie won @ PABLO Cuboa Ex! It just sucks I wasn't available to join the rest of Misc for the performance earlier that night. I wasn't even skeduled to spin for the event. but here's how the conversation went.

2am @ Pablo Cubao Ex

Arbie: Do you wanna get on man?
Geric: I don't mind... i'll grab my laptop in the car
Arbie: Just use mine...
Geric: Uhhh... ok!!!

Here's a vid of one of the tracks i played and brought the crowd back to the days when it was cool to rock dem cycling shorts (in all shades of neon!)

DAMN!!! Spandex Leggings and a Blazer!!! Haha I'm actually glad i was still being dressed by my moms when that style came out!!! I can do the boys II men (blazer and jean shorts) but spandex leggings hellz to the no!!! haha

Sorry boys... i hope you don't mind me pluggin' my event...

This Saturday & Every Saturday its SAKE to Me Baby!!!
Izakaya Greenbelt 2
Ft. Dj Badboy Jeff & D'Tech (me)
Sake Bombin' Mixtape weekly Drop only at Izakaya (limited copies)