VIDEO: Miscellaneous LIVE @ Pablo, Cubao Ex

Hump day hits once again!

Today we bring you a clip from our most recent gig held last Saturday, May 29 2010 for the Larger Than Life event @ Pablo Gallery, Cubao Expo.

Down 2 members, we went "old school MISC" and worked a 3-man medley set of our songs with Tibbz and myself on the mics and Umph doing the durty on the decks.

This is pretty much the first half of that set:

We had a dope experience and went nuts on all the free beer, isaw and grilled hotdogs!
Thanks Jigger...hahaha :)

Congratulations once again to Pablo Gallery and thank you thank you for inviting us and always supporting us as one of your personal picks...it's come as a humble surprise and honor for us.

Goodluck to all our local artists and to the cause of the Bastards of Misrepresentation who were campaigning for their art to be brought to Germany and be exhibited in the Freise Museum. Godspeed...

And always a big thanks to Locked Down Entertainment and Team Manila!!!!

Happy to have the rain drippity-dropping once again!

- Switch

(p.s. yo tibbz! i dont know how to link the video to our videos page...hahaha)