Anything Goes Thursday!!!

What up kiddies, oldies, and everyone else in between. i just gotta put it out there that IT'S SO FRIGGIN' HOT!!! Any body remember the drink Slush Puppy??? I want one of them machines!!! Haha it looks good huh?

Here's something you eses and vatos, chickas, and mamacitas might not know about The Mighty Miscellaneous... We Sometimes end our drinking, recording, hang out sessions bumpin da slowjams, speaking about emotions type of music... you know the songs you throw on "the mixtape" that you give to a special shorty! That smooth love/knockin' on boots till the cops come knockin' jams... So here's alil something from the SJK (slow jam kings) archives!!! Love TKO!!! Damn... Fo'sho everyone in this video got some good sweet lovin' after a night with Teddy Bend-ya-AsS!!!

I highly recommend everyone put this jam on your "setting the mood to bump n grind" playlist. Its a SURE SHOT BABY!!!

Peace out