Tuesdays with Tibbz

Dewey Redman - "Body"

quotes from "The Shadow of the Wind"

"All good things must wait. The female heart is a labyrinth of subtleties, too challenging for the uncouth mind of the male racketeer. If you really want to possess a woman, you must think like her, and the first thing to do is to win over her soul. The rest, that sweet, soft wrapping which steals away your senses and virtue, is a bonus....

"Poetry lies, in its adorable wicked way...show me a Don Juan and I'll show you a loser in disguise.""

"...until that moment, I had not understood that this was a story about lonely people, about absence and loss, and that was why I had taken refuge in it until it became confused with y own life, like someone who has escaped into the pages of a novel because those whom he needs to love seem nothing more than ghosts inhabiting the mind of a stranger."