Back on the LP lust...

After a quick yet fulfilling rehearsal with the Gafiera crew, I hooked up with the Kapitan (Umph) and banged out a rough track.  Following that, Delphi laid down five verses and we capped it off with a couple of brews...

How can one not admire the beauty of coincidence, the difference in human perspectives, and how seemingly random and opposing ideas result in an eclectic creation?

 You just gotta love it.

So, a lot of people probably won't care much for this little bit of trivia, but I'll post it anyways:

The name Tuesday was named after the Old English god Tiw, which is derived from the Old English "Tiwesdæg" and literally means "Tiw's Day."

here's a brief etymology:
Tiwesdæg, from Tiwes..."god of the sky,"...The day name is a translation of L. dies Martis "Day of Mars," from the Roman god of war...



For those who are looking to buy an iPad, and/or for those that already own one, Peter Kirn over at CreateDigitialMusic.com has made a nice roundup of the music apps that will be available. Peep it and feel yourself salivate... 

Here's a few screenshots taken from his site:

That's it for now.  Signing off...

- Peace.