devirginizing mondays once again with delphi

popping cherries is the name of the game, and we have a whole field worth when it comes to stories from the different personas that make up MISC...

well just in case yall havent heard, i am kind of an athlete/rider... been lucky enough to be part and help develope wakeboarding in the Phlippine's. heres a little video clip of a good friend of mine, named Daniel Pyne who with me and a bunch of other riders from all over the world had the most epic wakeboard session right here in our backyard. This is the very first wake movie ever produced in the Philippines and I was fortunate enough to witness all this great riding. Just like music, this wakeboarding alternate lifestyle of mine is so essential to my well being and is something im down to share with yall. im not in the video myself but i have an interesting part in the extras of the DVD. so check it out, enjoy and watch out for our album, which will be coming out soon. peace

syet whatever happend to the 80's!!! hahaha

by the way big ups to everyone who peeped out the awesome SWITCH BDAY BBQ, it was off the hook apparently cus i dont remember a damn thing. yeah!!!