Devirginize Mondays w/ Delphi: A Journey without a destination

So I the Delphi have been given the gracious task of taking on this first ever "BUH-LOG" for Misc... and I have to admit I'm kinda nervous due to several reason:

  • no one will read this wickedness

  • i might expose how shallow misc... can sometimes be by using words like "Wickedness"

  • you're mom might end up subscribing to this blog

  • keeping some sort of coherence and clear train of thought through the blog

  • oh shit im so cliché’

  • And finally finding a topic to discuss that will simultaneously arouse you're senses, strike a chord, open up your mind and re-evaluate your mind state, and get you to come back again and again to this blog so we can make money through advertising and get more attention to our music and make a ton more money off that and buy mega mall and turn it into a resort/concert hall and invite acts from all over the world to play etc etc and so on and so forth. “Sigh”Oh how fanciful would that be.

Moment of pause… hold it… day dream a little bit… hold it… now back to the blog.

Given these reasons I'll give it my very best shot regardless, and will start things off by asking; Where are you off too?

And yes its completely fine to say "I have no idea" because this is the case for most of us.

This is a question I have been asking myself for while, and I’m sure the rest of our group has as well especially over the last couple of months. As you may have heard through the grapevine of summers blistering heat Misc… is taking a journey with our music via the development of our very first full fledged album. Something that is well over due for us as a group, and is something we are dead serious about finishing and seeing through to the very end. Other than knowing we will have a product at the end of the road, we really have no idea where this whole endeavor will take us and that is quite an exciting and terrifying prospect. So many questions, both negative and positive, both shallow and deep enter our spheres of thought, all mostly pertaining to where this album will take us. And I for one am not afraid to say “I don’t Know.”

We have been meeting up weekly for recording and jam sessions to develop new material and are all super psyched about simply being part of the whole process. Beefing up beats and bobbing our heads along the way, laying down rhymes and stanking up the pop filter, adding new grooves to the scratches and cuts and just figuring our exactly what we want to happen in this album is a welcome relief from simply practicing for a gig and getting drunk afterwards. For instance the other day at DJ Umph’s pad we were figuring out ambient sounds to add to certain tracks, and it was pure magic how a little bit of a John Klemer sample randomly pulled out can take your body of work up a notch or two, a notion unanimously shared by all through the simple act of just smiling from cheek to check and saying “oh yah”. And its those very moments that encourage me to enjoy the process and the journey, because the destination and the desired end result is ever changing.

So there you go, that’s my attempt on devirginizing the MISC… blog, stay tuned tomorrow for Tibbz holding it down for Tuesday!!!

From Delphi
Devirginize Mondays