Anything Goes Thursday!!!

Greetings and salutations to all! in other words... WHAT UP Y'ALL!!!

Most of us usually change the channel when a commercial pops on, or sometimes when there are too many commercial we get impatient and end up changing the channel anyways... Then when you go back to whatever you were watching you missed a big chunk of the show, or something important to the story... haha oh well.. The reason why i mention commercials is because i like watching funny ass commercials... here's a coupe of good ones...

This one is genius if your ever put in the same situation!!!

Hehe I actually think the sister is pretty hot!!! Hehe she offered!!! 

Hehe I bet gramps really wants to!!!

Sometime you need to step back to see the bigger picture!!! But damn... i wanna motorboat!!!

If this airline was for real... it wold be the only way to fly!!!

McNugget Lovin'

This One's  Not Funny.. But Shannyn Sossamon is smokin!!! It's more of an inspirational video... "My 1st Love... Boys who scratch!!!" Booyahka!!!!

Hope y'all had a good laugh!!!
-D'Tech signing out!!!