After a busy week, we're back on the album grind.  

Yesterday was a quick session of thickening and mixing our tracks, and we finally have one locked down and ready for mastering.  Just a little more tweaks here and there.  And of course some much needed turntable magic.  Perhaps we will post a sneak preview soon.

Last Friday, was Nyko Maca's Gafiera gig at Martini's (Mandarin Hotel), and it was a huge success. Much love to Nyko and the guys for asking me to join her and the Gafiera crew.
  • Junji “Guitar Hero” Lerma
  • Francis “Wasak” de Veyra
  • Wowie “Saltfree” Ansano
  • Madz “Abdel Aziz” Abubakar
Here are a few pics from the event (courtesy of Trasienne Estrada on Facebook).  I'm sorry, I haven't met you yet (although I believe I would be honored to), so I hope you don't mind that I jacked a couple of your amazing photos.

And since today is April 20, what better way to spend it by hitting up 420 Bashment @ B-Side tonight!

Good Leaf, Lady-i, Dayuhan, The Discoball, Feen, People's Future, Red-i, Don P, & Soulflower

That's it for now, but I'll sign off with this:


Smoke and smile. Peace.
- Tibbz